Functional Automation

Othain provides end-to-end quality assurance services to meet myriad needs of our clients

we provide Manual Testing but we also specialize in both Functional Test Automation and Performance Diagnostics. Othain has extensive experience in providing automation services across all verticals. Othain assists organizations to optimize their application delivery and operate management practices using tools and proven methodologies.

Our consultants satisfy the needs of both technical experts and subject matter experts/business analysts, enabling you to deploy higher-quality applications faster with reduced risks and cost.

Othain brings a unique value preposition to new/existing clientele as we are also a software resale partner for all HP and Borland products, this combination of offerings for products and services allows us to pass on the maximum cost benefit to our end clients.

Othain offers a complete set of Quality Assurance Services, tailoring our approach to match your organization’s goals and unique position. Our unique combination of test automation framework, services and methodology puts value to the test.

These differentiators can help improve the ROI of your technology investment by:

  • Accelerating time to value with increased coverage
  • Reducing total cost of ownership
  • Mitigating implementation and technology risks