Master Data Managment

Othain Group’s MDM solution provides adaptable cloud services offering extensive compatibility and real-time processing, eliminating intricacy and excessive cost.

Othain Group’s Master Data Management Services

Both internally and externally maintained business data and processes is not an easy task for enterprises to manage. In this ever disruptive market and companies relying on time and material model, Othain Group has instituted a Master Data Management (MDM) Services. Our services integrate validated technology solutions, strategies and expert resources to support your business manage and control data.


Easy as it can get :

Othain Group renders exceptional professional expertise and capitalizes on the strategies and services demonstrated on various data management projects with both cloud-based as well as on-site platforms. You garner all the services of our extensively deployed MDM solution by outsourcing your data management strategies and functions to Othain Group:

Extensive scalability:

Othain Group’s MDM solution provides adaptable cloud services offering extensive compatibility and real-time processing, eliminating intricacy and excessive cost.

Made-to-Order for maximum value:

Othain Group’s MDM solution and services are adaptable and designed to meet your data management goals.

Adaptable and simplified capabilities:

We handle critical and complex data and provide ETL services across existing MDM, PIM or ERP systems. Our services manage and govern diverse data types, formats, sources and compliance requirements


Othain Group’s Vendor Data Management Services

Vendor data management: Understanding that Vendor data management process and vendor master file (VMF) are two key foundational elements in Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process we sanitize, stabilize and optimize the VMF process. We aim to ensure vendor files are accurate for maintaining regulatory compliance and to provide complete data framework for profile completion

How we sanity-check the process:

Recognize and reconcile all duplicate records

  • Rectify invalid data
  • Revisit missing data and update
  • Introduce new control to govern the process

How we maintain the process:

Institute new standards to include:

  • Naming convention and standards
  • Sort role and responsibilities
  • Redesign management controls
  • Create rules and train to record accurate and complete data
  • Profile completion

How we optimize the process:

Establish and enforce compliance of policies and regulations

  • Verify supplier data
  • Reduce vendor fraud
  • Supplier self-validation and documentation

Next Steps:

We employ and practice the following practices for better vendor data management

  • Stable Environment
  • Rigorous Compliance
  • Supplier Collaboration
  • Change Control and Management
  • Strategic Usage


Othain Group’s Customer Data Management Services

Managing customer data: Othain Group’s data governance team tackles the requirements by assigning a special customer management group that is aware of the essential rules that control the data creation. Our data monitoring principles are employed to handle the constantly varying customer data, use special notification techniques to maintain data quality and build security guidelines that manage data.

Vendor support services: Othain Group’s expertise in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services help setup teams that are experienced in supporting business vendors across the geography.

Othain Group’s 5 Best Practices for CDM are:

  • Training
  • Validation tools
  • Data Governance
  • Data Monitoring
  • Applicable Data for Pertinent Results